Organizational optimization is the ability of an organization to optimize its organizational structure, employee resources, processes, and technologies so that an organization meets maximum capabilities.


Project Management

Corevantage senior support personnel can provide your organization the expertise needed to successfully achieve your goals while minimizing resources and risk. We have project management experience in the areas of new networked systems planning, systems integration, installation, and asset/inventory management.


Systems Integration

Corevantage Technologies draw on demonstrated expertise and information technology know-how to help clients solve their business challenges. Through our system integration and development services, we help clients plan, design and implement technology solutions such as deployment of new technology solutions and implement technological enhancements to their existing environment. CoreVantage pas performance experience has included projects from design and implementation of small configurations of MS-Windows networks dedicated to office automation functions to implementation more complex IT infrastructures consisting of approximately 5,000-networked users. Whether migrating from a legacy system to a later technology such as MS Server 2003, software development or expanding your current network CoreVantage can provide experienced personnel and the technical expertise required to develop practical solutions.


CoreVantage System Integration Services include:



  • RFID

  • Email Support

  • Healthcare Asset Tracking

  • Biometrics Identification Products

  • Custom Programming

  • Network Security

  • Legacy Application Conversion

  • Smart Card

Onsite Installation Services

Corevantage field service organization can perform initial installation, upgrades, configuration and testing of all system components at the clients’ location. All problems are isolated and corrected. Thorough, internal testing is performed to verify all hardware and operating system software is working properly. CoreVantage offers on-site installation of networking equipment, servers, client stations, data cabling, operating system software utilities and project staging as well.


CoreVantage range of installation services include:



  • RFIDScanners

  • SQL DatabaseEmail Support

  • Printers

  • Workstations

  • Peripheral Interfaces/p>

  • MS Office

  • MS Server 2003

  • Workflow

  • TCP/IP Equipment

  •  Storage Area Network


Equipment Staging

Corevantage Engineers perform complete inventory, inspection, assembly, configuration, and testing of all components and network equipment at our staging facility, prior to deployment. Upon completion, we deliver a complete, fully configured, tested, software loaded and ready-for-deployment system to your site.

Business Continuity Service (Electronic Vaulting)

We offer safe storage and continuous access to vital business data. Corevantage in conjunction with HP Service experts can help you plan, design, and implement a vaulting and backup strategy that addresses the data-backup needs of your complex, distributed environment.

Custom Systems Solutions 

CoreVantage is capable of providing products and services to further enhance the capabilities of commercial-off-the-shelf computer systems. Once your appropriate system has been defined, Corevantage integration expertise provides the ability to implement custom solutions and assist with the design, development, installation and deployment of third party products, and custom programming interfaces and middleware.

Inventory Audit and Management

Corevantage specialist can deliver inventory management support for all your IT components software and licenses. We will provide a all-inclusive listing of your IT assets in a predefined user format. Corevantage support staff can conduct a full asset inventory audit across your centralized agency and remote offices. We can employ tagging and tracking processes to enhance asset management and give you a more comprehensive understanding of your assets' lifecycles.


IT Equipment Disposal (Remarketing and Redevelopment)

Corevantage provides a complete IT equipment disposal service that will minimize environmental impact. We also protect your data privacy and security issues. We can advise you on the best way to get value from your used IT assets by redeployment or remarketing your used assets.